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Event: new nomenclatural type

Epitype: Berlin, small river Wuhle, 52°31'14.844"N, 13°34'40.116"E, O. Skibbe - collector number D06 (B 40 0040871).
published in: Jahn, R., Abarca, N., Gemeinholzer, B. & al., Planothidium lanceolatum and Planothidium frequentissimum reinvestigated with molecular methods and morphology: four new species and the taxonomic importance of the sinus and cavum in Diatom Research 32(1): 75-107. 2017

for Planothidium victori Novis, Braidwood & Kilroy in Phytotaxa 64: 33, fig. 26-41, 161. 2012

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