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Event: new name, validation, new nomenclatural type

Cocconeis therezienii van de Vijver & Le Cohu in Notulae Algarum 86: 1, fig. 1-15. 16.1.2019
Holotype: Antarctica, Lac Supérieur (Studer), îles Kerguelen, benthos, 26.7.1975, P. Maire (BR BR-4543).
Paratype: Antarctica, Port Raymond, îles Kerguelen, collected from submerged mosses in a small river, 6.2.1998, B. Van de Vijver (BR BR-4544).
is validating1 Cocconeis therezieni Le Cohu & R.Maillard in Annales de Limnologie 19(3): 145, fig. 1, 2, 29, 30-37, 56, 84-97, 189, 190. 1983
1. Art. 40.1 Turland, N.J., Wiersema, J.H., Barrie, F.R. & al., International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (Shenzhen Code) adopted by the Nineteenth International Botanical Congress Shenzhen, China, July 2017Regnum Vegetabile, 159:96
published in: Van de Vijver, B. & Le Cohu, R., Validation of “Cocconeis therezienii Le Cohu & Maillard”, a freshwater diatom species (Cocconeidaceae , Bacillariophyta) from the subantarctic îles Kerguelen. in Notulae Algarum 86: 1-4. 2019: 1, fig. 1-15