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Pyramimonas tatianae Daugbjerg, Fassel & Moestrup in European Journal of Phycology 55(1): 51, fig. 2-45. 27 Aug 2019
Holotype: Russian Federation, Golden Horne Bay, near Vladivostok, 43°6'36"N, 131°52'48"E, 14 Jun 2000, s.n. (C C-A-92103).1, 2
1. The holotype was made from a clonal culture, this authentic strain is represented by MK990598 (rbcL)., 2. The species is named after Tatiana Yu Orlova in recognition of her many contributions to our understandingof phytoplankton communities in far eastern Russia.
published in: Daugbjerg, N., Fassel, N.M.D. & Moestrup, Ø., Microscopy and phylogeny of Pyramimonas tatianaesp. nov. (Pyramimonadales,Chlorophyta), a scaly quadriflagellate from Golden Horn Bay (eastern Russia)and formal description of Pyramimonadophyceae classis nova. in European Journal of Phycology 55(1): 49-63. 2019: 51, fig. 2-45

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