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Planothidium victorii Novis, Braidwood & Kilroy in Phytotaxa 64: 33, fig. 26-41. 20121
Holotype: New Zealand, Canterbury: Styx River, 43°27'46.8"S, 172°36'14.4"E, 4 Nov 2009, P. Novis & J. Braidwood (CHR 618408).
corrected name2 Planothidium victori
1. Data corrected on 2020-04-08 by curator: "victori" should read "victorii"., 2. Art. 60.8.b McNeill, J., Barrie, F.R., Buck, W.R. & al., International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (Melbourne Code) adopted by the Eighteenth International Botanical Congress Melbourne, Australia, July 2011Regnum Vetetabile, 154: 208. 2012
published in: Novis, P.M., Braidwood, J. & Kilroy, C., Small diatoms (Bacillariophyta) in cultures from the Styx River, New Zealand, including descriptions of three new species in Phytotaxa 64: 11-45. 2012: 33, fig. 26-41

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