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Event: new name, new nomenclatural type

Epitype: Germany, Baltic Sea, off Germany: Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel, 54°19'12"N, 10°9'E, 7 Aug 2013, A. Tillmann (CEDiT: 2017E65)
Holotype: Germany, Baltic Sea, off Germany: either Kiel or Wismar (Stein 1883) Stein, F. 1878: Organism. Infusionsthiere 3(1): pl. III, fig. 35
published in: Tillmann, U., Gottschling, M., Hoppenrath, M., Kusber, W.-H. & Elbrächter, M. 2017: Plate pattern clarification of the marine dinophyte Heterocapsa triquetra sensu Stein (Dinophyceae) collected at the Kiel Fjord (Germany). – Journal of Phycology: 20 pp: 16

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