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Event: new name, new nomenclatural type

Thalassiosira secreta Yang Li & Y.Q.Guo in Eur. J. Phycol. 55(1): 40, fig. 1-15. 9 Sep 2019
Holotype: Hong Kong, South China Sea, alt. 0 m, 22°18'38.52"N, 114°8'44.52"E, 20 Nov 2015, s.n. (C: C-A-92095)1
1. The holotype is made of strain MC1494 which is authentic. MK376464 (SSU) and MK358826 (LSU) represent the authentic strain within the original material.
published in: Li, Y., Guo, Y.Q. & Lundholm, N. 2019: Description of Thalassiosira secreta sp. nov. (Bacillariophyta), unique with fultoportulae hidden inside the central areola. – European Journal of Phycology 55(1): 39-48

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