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Cocconeis sijunghoensis R.Jahn & B.M.Suh in Algae 35(4): 316, fig. 1H-O, fig. 12-14. 21 Dec 2020
Holotype: North Korea, Lagoon Sijungho, alt. 2 m, 39°0'33.022"N, 127°50'10.946"E, 24 Apr 2011, B.M. Suh & R. Jahn s.n. (B: B 40 0040811a)1
1. Holotype slide prepared from strain NK8-32b, isolated and cultivated by O. Skibbe. Fig. 12F (SV) and fig. 12A (RV) in Jahn et al. (2020) are representing the holotype.
published in: Jahn, R., Abarca, N., Kusber, W.-H., Skibbe, O., Zimmermann, J. & Mora, D. 2020: Integrative taxonomic description of two new species of the Cocconeis placentula group (Bacillariophyceae) from Korea based on unialgal strains. – Algae 35(4): 303-324

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