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Event: new name, orthographical correction, new nomenclatural type

Entomoneis annagodheae Al-Handal & Mucko in Diatom Res.: [2], fig. 2-28. 23 Jul 2020
Holotype: Sweden, Kungälv fjord,West coast of Sweden, North of Gothenburg city, alt. 0 m, 57°47'N, 11°45'E, April 2018 (B: B 40 0045001)
corrected name1 Entomoneis annagodhei2,3
1. Art. 60.8, 2. Termination "i" treated as error and was corrected to "ae" according to Turland et al. (2018: Art. 60.8. )., 3. Epithet honoring Anna Godhe (Professor in Marine Ecology at Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden).
published in: Al-Handal, A.Y., Štefanić, P.P., Mucko, M. & Wulff, A. 2020: Entomoneis annagodhei sp. nov., a new marine diatom (Entomoneidaceae, Bacillariophyta) from the west coast of Sweden. – Diatom Research: [1-11]

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