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Navicula vanseea Yilmaz, Gastineau, Solak & Witkowski in PhytoKeys 241: 31, fig. 2-4. 8 Apr 20241,2
Holotype: Turkey, Erciş Van, 38°59'47.309"N, 43°24'15.325"E, 31 Jul 2021, E. Yilmaz s.n. (SZCZ: SZCZEY2172)3
1. Etymology. The name given to the species refers to the German name of Lake Van (Vansee, the sea of Van) as it was used in the work of Legler and Krasske and is meant as a tribute to these authors and their work, 2. Note: Registration published as "Registration." on p. 31, 3. Caveat: Geo reference published as 38°99'64.748"N, 43°40'04.257"E, both coordinates are invalid and corrected to: 38.9964748/43.4004257 by PhycoBank.
published in: Yilmaz, E., Mann, D.G., Gastineau, R., Trobajo, R., Solak, C.N., Górecka, E., Turmel, M., Lemieux, C., Ertorun, N. & Witkowski, A. 2024: Description of Navicula vanseea sp. nov. (Naviculales, Naviculaceae), a new species of diatom from the highly alkaline Lake Van (Republic of Türkiye) with complete characterisation of its organellar genomes and multigene phylogeny. – PhytoKeys 241: 27-48

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