Kugrens, P., Clay, B.L., Meyer, C.J. & Lee, R.E. 1999: – Journal of Phycology 35

AuthorshipKugrens, P., Clay, B.L., Meyer, C.J. & Lee, R.E.
Date published1999-08
In journalJournal of Phycology

Nomenclatural acts:

Cyanophora biloba Kugrens, B.L.Clay, C.J.Mey. & R.E.Lee – Type: Ephemeral alpine pond in Roosevelt National Forest within the Comanche Peaks Wilderness area (40°37'72"N and 105°40'41"W), southeast of Crown Point, Latimer County, Colorado. Collectd by Scott Grotheer 1992. (holotype: not designated) http://phycobank.org/10001 Registration on 1999-09-01 22:00:00 +0200 in Berlin