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Event: new name, new combination

is new combination for Amphora semperpalorum Wachn. & E.E.Gaiser in Diatom Res. 22: 47. 2007
published in: Rimet, F., Abarca, N., Bouchez, A., Kusber, W.-H., Jahn, R., Kahlert, M., Keck, F., Kelly, M.G., Mann, D.G., Piuz, A., Trobajo, R., Tapolczai, K., Vasselon, V., Zimmermann, J. & al. 2018: The potential of High–Throughput Sequencing (HTS) of natural samples as a source of primary taxonomic information for reference libraries of diatom barcodes. – Fottea 18(1): 37–54

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